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About Us

The company has started a wholly owned proprietorship concern under the name and style POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTORS and started the business of marketing and distribution of steel products like TMT bars, rolled products, billets , ingots and steel pipe and tubes successfully.

The company buys the material from various manufacturers like SAIL, APL Apollo, Rathi, Supreme and other manufacturers big and small on cash basis. The company sell and distribute the material to various consumers like real estate developers, capital goods manufacturers, scrap holding manufacturers etc. on cash basis as well as on credit basis.

The company started the business of investment & finance. In 2010 the present directors took over the management and decided to start the business of export of iron ore from Goa. But immediately after they started the business, the export of iron ore from Goa was banned by the Government and after suffering huge losses, the directors closed the operation in Goa. In 2013 the directors who were having vast experience in steel sector started the business of trading and distribution of Iron and steel products like, TMT bars, rolled products, billets, ingots and steel pipe and tubes successfully.

NCR specially Ghaziabad has become hub for the steel sector, There are lot of industries in organized and unorganized sector around Ghaziabad, The directors due to their experience have excellent relation in the steel industry. They purchase the material from these industries and sell and distribute to direct consumers like various builders, capital goods manufacturers and various other industries under a solely owned firm POTENTIL DISTRIBUTORS.